What is the DIFFERENCE between HempWorx CBD Oil and “xyz” brand?

The CBD Industry is growing rapidly, so there are a LOT of companies popping up selling “CBD Oil”. Unfortunately, not all of them are reputable and some are just plain scams. Please do your research and know what you are putting into your body. There are hundreds of thousands of people experiencing the benefits of CBD oil and when you are making a purchase, it’s an investment in your health and well being. Unfortunately, if you purchase a lower quality CBD Oil, chances are pretty good that you will NOT receive the results you are looking for.

For example, we had our 3rd party independent lab test one of our competitors’ CBD Oil (one of the more popular brands) and the results were ASTONISHING‼️ The tests came back with ‼️0% CBD‼️😳🤦🏻‍♀️ ND = NONE DETECTED. The lab was so confused as to why we were having them test water? 🤷🏻‍♀️ That company is selling this “CBD Oil” for approximately $60/bottle and it has NO active CANNABANOIDS. And we wonder why some people say that CBD Oil doesn’t work?!!?

HempWorx Certified Results

“Other Companies” Certified Results

I get a lot of questions asking the difference between “XYZ” oil and our HempWorx CBD Oil. I feel VERY confident in saying that NONE of them compare to the brand that we have partnered with, so I’m happy to educate you in order to prevent you (or someone you care about) from making costly mistakes when looking for a brand that is right for you

Before you decide which brand to buy – go through the CHECKLIST first!

Gather together this information and then go through the checklist below to compare brands.
 Ingredient Labels
 Certificate of Analysis from an independent lab (you should find that on their website, or request it from them)


⁉️– What are their ingredients? Does it contain fillers like MCT Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Grapeseed Oil or anything OTHER THAN Hemp Oil? There is no need for additional ingredients and they have no benefit, and some fillers can even be considered harmful for pets and/or children.

HempWorx does not use any fillers. The ingredients are “pressed hemp seed oil, hemp-derived CBD extract, natural peppermint flavor” The peppermint is so it tastes good, rather than like Cod Liver Oil. 🤢

⁉️– Is it an isolate or concentrate, rather than a “full spectrum”? Isolates and concentrates are NOT “full spectrum” – these products isolate ONLY the CBD so the body is ONLY receiving CBD, not the full cannabinoid profile. CBD Isolate is cheaper to manufacture, and when the CBD is isolated, that product loses its effectiveness.

HempWorx is a full spectrum CBD Oil. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is just ONE of the many cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis plant. A full spectrum CBD Oil uses the whole plant oil with all the benefits that nature had intended, including the trace amounts of THC (.3%) and all of the other active cannabinoids. Hempworx has over 120 cannabinoids in our CBD formula (including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN), which perfectly inhibits the CB2 receptors in the body.

⁉️– How is it extracted? Does it use the solvent method or is extracted using the CO2 extraction method (cold processed to avoid damaging the nutritional benefits)? One company that’s using an ethanol/alcohol extraction showed a 30% alcohol level in the lab results!

HempWorx is CO2 extracted.

⁉️– Is it ORGANIC? Where is the hemp grown? You always, always, always, ALWAYS want to use ONLY organically grown hemp. The hemp plant is a bio-accumulator plant, which means that it absorbs EVERYTHING from the soil — contaminants, metals, pesticides, even radiation. In fact, hemp was grown in Chernobyl to clean up the soil of the radiation there! Many companies import their ingredients and they have been found to have a heavy metal content, ethanol, propylene glycol and more. There are even companies buying the CBD oil from other countries (China is one) and importing it!

HempWorx ONLY uses hemp grown on two different FDA-approved organic farms in Kentucky and in Colorado and the hemp is processed in an FDA approved facility with EVERY batch being independently tested.

⁉️– Is EVERY batch tested independently? The testing results (Certificate of Analysis) should be available on the website or you should be able to get it if you ask for it. If you are refused that information, look somewhere else – do NOT trust the product. Many CBD Oils out there have contaminants, metals, pesticides, etc. in them and this will ONLY show up on the Certificate of Analysis. Make sure you are seeing the Certificate of Analysis for the current batch.

I am proud to say that HempWorx DOES have our Certificate of Analysis readily available at any time (look on the website, under documents). In fact, EVERY BATCH is tested by an independent third party lab. So rest assured, you ARE getting the most PURE & COMPLETE CBD Oil available on the market‼️😃🙌👌

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